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I need help. when you download the game its a zip file. so how do you run it from there? I don't know where to go and what to run. can you give me a step by step tutorial plz? <3 my email is skjkolby@yahoo.com and joshuakolby@yahoo.com can you plz email the tutorial to both emails. that would be great <3

Are you on windows? There you just habe to right click on the zip, and then on extract:

And then you should have a new folder called Footbrawl_playground at the same location where the zip is.

In the Footbrawl Playground folder you should have now a Footbrawl Playground 32bit.exe and a 64bit.exe -depending on your system you just have to double click one of these and the game starts.

Let me know if that helps :)

ye I am windows. I will see if that works. thx!!

thx your awesome!!!