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I stumbled across this game while browsing the indie section on Steam and bought it out of pure curiosity. I figured it was going to be another one of those indie games where the devs mostly boast their oldschool graphics and sound. Meanwhile the game is left with sub par gameplay and lacks substance.

But, to my surprise this game was actually a lot of fun, and kept me busy. I've put about 20 hours into it, and that's just my first playthrough. The game is paced very well, and the feeling of getting stronger keeps the game from going stale. It was just straight up fun getting new weapons and armor, or finding more health and magic containers.

I see some other comments talking about not knowing where to go, and I simply don't understand. I never had any trouble finding out where to go. I feel like from the dialogue or just exploring, it's made very clear. I was able to play the whole game from start to finish without help from the internet, which is good thing because I don't think there were any walkthroughs when I finished the game last week.

Oh yeah, the soundtrack. Good god, dat soundtrack. A few times, I just had to stop and take in the music