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great game.  fun game on the last level it was easier/faster to  let them chase you, i don't understand why people say you need a controller was just as easy to use (WASD) for movement and (X)  to activate stuff/hide and (enter) to start the game .. keep it up would like it if you could throw coffee cups to distract some of them . again great game cant wait for more levels 


I wasnt gonna download it but when i saw ur comment I downloaded it 

aand it doesnt work...I get stuck at the menu

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pressing enter did work for me but you can try this way it dose work just done it. 

Atl+tab so their is a file/folder open above the game  and use the mouse to click on play and the game will start.. 

video is not the best but you can clearly see what i do. (for some reason when i use the PC built in record it shrink the game) 

hope this helps 


Thank you for making a tutorial for mouse users. is it oke if we use this video as a guide to help other people play the game?


yeah go for it it's not the best video but by all means use what I've put and make your own version. 

Sorry for the late reply, if your still interested in the game, we now have keyboard controls: "WASD/Arrow keys" for movement, "X" for interacting "Enter" for in the menu.

The Office hustle apologies of the delay

-Office hustle team