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I am so fascinated by your Bitsy game. First, some of the seven deadly sins are portrayed as characters (at least Gluttony, but I would say Pride, Sloth, and Greed are also included), and secondly, it asks the question what one would do with a superhuman power (and indirectly also, whether the consequences would not always be the same anyway). Religion, philosophy and psychology in one. That's just outstanding, I mean it. I would like to congratulate you on this mastery and thank you for your creative work. The atmosphere has literally mesmerized me for a while. That was also the main reason for me to write a recommendation in the form of an article about your game and to upload a playthrough video. I hope that more people will find their way to you and your game. <3

Best wishes,


I am really glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the video, the article and especially your amazing comment :)