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What OS are you running the game on? If I recall, Windows 11 has trouble with RenPy Games, since there is no support for it yet.

I use window 8

I see, could you make a screenshot of the problem and also check whether you have any special language settings enabled? This could take a little longer to investigate since it's the first time we heard of such a bug.

Alright, so it's still unclear what the possible cause is, but the assumption are so far are either your graphics card (which would require an update) messing the text up or the font file being corrupted (in which case you would need to redownload the font and check if it's working as normal in other programs). I require more information based on this problem.

- Does a similar issue occur with games of the same engine? We used Ren'Py to built it.

- Does Anti-Virus detect any files as malware and thus deletes any of the files?

- Is it just the menus or also the ingame text and narration?

- Is anything else weird or broken in some way?

Depending on the issue, I might have to ask more questions later.

I've played other games made in Ren'Py and doesn't encounter same problem.

As for the anti virus, Im not sure but I think I doesn't get a notice for unknown sources in files. I tried to re download it again and there doesn't seems to be something that was deleted.

As for the problem, it is also happening in the ingame texts and narrative, every single words that is possible in the game.

 That is the only problem that I've encountered so far

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Unfortunately, we've been unable to reproduce this on our end. While it's possible there may be an incompatibility with your current set up and our game, we're not able to immediately identify the issue. If you could leave some details about your system, including make and model of your processor, graphics card and graphics driver with version, and operating system, we may be able to use the information to identify it and other issues in the future.

Have you checked the font in the folders of the game? It should be located in game/gui/font and called Varela. Install that font and check whether it's working in a word program.

And again, please check whether it's your GPU / graphics card having a problem and if it's up-to-date. Also which EXE are you running? We have a 64 and 32 EXE and you might run the wrong one on your machine.

More suggestions are to open the accessibility menu with A and check if the default font shows correctly.

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Good day, I just study about the renpy and figured it out. It's just on renderer :) thank you. I tried doing it again and it finally works <3