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Been keeping at it the last couple of days. Things I implemented

  • Made the enemy hail rockets at the user
  • Made object pools for the player and user missiles
  • Made code that randomly selects a part of city for the enemy to shoot at as well as a random position in the sky
  • Made a simple explosion sprite sheet
  • Added city colliders
  • Added the explosion animation
Here's my little object pool  outside the game area,  its funny my explosions have collider on them so they push the missiles away, need to make them triggers, lol  :)

Things learned

  • When you want to use a prefab gameobject, INSTANTIATE it in code  and use the result! DONT use the prefab because it it not active!
  • Learned more about animations, how to start them
Here's a gif

Things I need to do.

  • Slow the enemy missiles the hell down
  • Add trigger collision between the explosions, missiles, and the city
  • Add health to the city
  • Add scoring

Also an idea that bugs me is how should levels and waves be implemented? Should I just make enemy missiles spawn faster? Also having power ups would be cool, like missile speed up or wider area explosion, etc...