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Spoilers/My Opinion:

I like this game a lot. I like to think of it as Karen being your subconscious, the thoughts that keep you up at night and tell you that you don't deserve love. I don't think a lot of people take the game for that and I think it gives the game so much more meaning. When I played through the second time and saw the real Karen I realized a few different things. 

  1.  He was psyching himself up for their anniversary and having all these doubts about himself he had on their first date because he loves her because doesn't want to mess it up. 
  2. On his first date he expected Karen to be this stunning woman as he waited at the table with his anxiety. This could mean two things but i'd like to think its the latter; he  dates Karen all the while wishing she was that perfect girl or,  he sees Karen as that beautiful girl despite her flaws. 
  3. He has to come to terms with his own problems before he can really be happy. He can't fix his problems with a lover.

I love this game because I think a lot of people have these feelings; whether it be of self doubt, not deserving love or simply anxiety when it comes to dating. For people who played this game and only take it at surface level I challenge you to play it again and think about these things. I feel inspired by this game and its concept so I give it a 9/10. Again this is all just my interpretation of the game. Please forgive all my run on sentences. Thank you to Solscape Studios for this beautiful experience.