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Hi there!
There is a way to play the game without the controler. You need to alt tab in every menu and use the mouse to continue. (Only the dead menu works by using wasd and enter to continue). Sorry for the inconfedience. The controls for keyboard are WASD and X to interact.
I hope this helps you to enjoy the game.

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stil dont work:( dont mind the bakround had som tab in another langue

I'm very sorry to hear that your not able to enjoy the game. We can't help you at the moment with the issue. we are working on a version that has mouse and keyboard support. Again sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks i can´wait :)

Sorry for the late reply, if your still interested in the game, we now have keyboard controls: "WASD/Arrow keys" for movement, "X" for interacting "Enter" for in the menu.

The Office hustle apologies of the delay

-Office hustle team

Haven’t been online because of school and stuff but now I am back on track