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After I missed original DOS series, dozens ports and spin offs in last 30 years I finally played Lemmings (like) game ... on PET. And it's fantastic - I love the concept. As for the port is genius too. With so low PET graphics capabilities author manage to animate zombies routine in very readable way. Moreover 2 characters high zombies makes 25 row limit no obstacle to create multi platforms jigsaws. We have also horizontal scrolling to fit bigger levels. Great stuff.  There are no slowdowns, no bugs, love it, love it. I can confirm that every level is finishable - it took me few days but was totally worth it. Every new level brings new brain puzzle unlike the most PET games where levels differs only with tempo or available time. Only one thing I don't like - steering fixed keys. Please, please add possible to configure this and it will be flawless. I would love to pay for physical tape version. My rank 9.9 (-0.1 because of steering)/10