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Trust me...I planned on doing YouTube for soooooo many years before I actually started it. There is this weird fear that we all have about making videos and putting them out for EVERYBODY to see. The best advice I could ever give you is just to try it out, have fun, and remember me if you get famous! :D

As long as you are having fun and meeting cool people (Like yourself) then there is nothing to worry about!

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Haha good advice! and i mean i got pretty noticed overnight on reddit so who knows? maybe i'll earn some fame on youtube xD 

Nahh dw i wont forget about you if i get youtube famous, i doubt i'll even make a channel tbh


OMG just saw the ending of your comment >0< thank you so much haha im really not that cool 

Trust me...from one uncool dude to're pretty cool! 

Thank you! feel free to hmu sometime, ya seem really cool :)