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As someone from Melbourne, when I saw the title, my interest was peaked pretty much instantly.

Whilst the game was quite short, it was still obvious that quite a lot of work was put into it, with my favourite part being the myki and the traffic lights due to the noises being very similar to what you would hear in the urban sprawl and hustle and bustle. 

Whilst I do feel like a jerk for what i am about to say, i feel like the game would really benefit from adding some scenery into the game, like having flinders street station/ federation square, some melbourne cafe's, the melbourne central shopping centre with the coop tower or maybe even a bit of china town (Again, this is mostly a nitpick and I feel like a jerk saying this, but seeing some Melbourne scenery would have been the cherry on top).

Overall, the game was really well done, and I would really recommend that anyone who does live in Melbourne (or wherever :) ) to give the game a shot. Nice job Dev's.