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Four Before Midnight is a fantastic follow up to Res' Jam and the Mystery of the Mysteriously Spooky Mansion. There's so much attention to detail around every corner. The game is hilarious; it's filled with all the wit, wordplay and healthy doses of irony that Res blends together so seemingly without effort. The puzzles are challenging and require sharp attention for causality, making it incredibly satisfying as you progress through each story beat. It does a wonderful job of making failure a feature (and trust me, you will fail at least a few times!), not something that punishes the player. The game wants you to succeed through experimentation, and teaches you how it all fits together.

The characters are also lovingly realized in Four Before Midnight. Each major character has their own distinct voice, well-polished visual clues to their personality (and how they fit into puzzles!) and clear, usually conflicting, motives.

The music has just as much personality. It blends dated instruments suitable for a royal ball (such as the always excellent harpsichord!) with chiptune inspired tracks that call back to the golden age of point and click adventures. 

I highly recommend this intelligent, witty, creative and polished game!