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could you PLSSSS make an update on Cool forts prevail, ive been playing it with my father some times and there are problems like you dont have team m8 or the space pirates are to strong and Stuff you know what i mean like give us TEAM MATES or MORE WEAPONS or 2 DIFFERENT MAPS or THAT THE BOTS ATTACK YOU and not go to their home when you attack them. so plsssssssssssss make an update on that game it could beee soooo gooood PLSSSSS 

It's great to hear that you still play the game! I don't think I currently have time to go back to that game, but I'm working on an upcoming fps game that will have gamemodes similar to Cool Forts Prevail. I sadly don't have too much time to work on games since its only a hobby, but I will surely keep your ideas in mind if i could find the time :)

Can you make splitscreen then for the new game?

Already done :)

Last question (thanks btw) when does the game come out and arent you gonna work on steam later this month or something?

I currenty can't anticipate a release window for the game, but I'd say next year probably (I'm developing two big games simultaneously right now)