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A lot has been done since my last post. A lot of the art is coming together and starting to look really nice, plus the gameplay and game-feel has had a lot of tweaking. It's not there yet of course but the action segments feel cleaner and more responsive in general (gifs below). There's a cool gore explosion now, plus a slight pause beforehand to give it more impact.

A cover system has been added! I felt the combat system needed something more. At first I added a melee attack for when the enemies are close to you, but this felt awkward and misplaced. It was a short solution to a long problem, which was the enemy AI in general. So, I essentially gutted the AI and replaced it, incorporating this new cover system. There are still bugs to be ironed out but it's a lot more fun, and a lot more realistic.

The controls are simple, hold LT to go into cover, release LT to come out of cover.

The guns and gun customisation has had a bit of work. Rate of fire has been added, determined by the receiver. I don't want to make it too complex, however I want it to be complex enough that it has a significant effect on gameplay, comparable to the various levelling choices in most RPGs. I've also added a lot more gun parts. Roughly 11 for each. Below are some random variations. More to come soon!

The implementation of the gangs has now begun. The gang members now exist in their territories, with war paint coloured appropriately to their gang colour, which is generated randomly at the start of the game. They also have a gang logo, which is generated from two lists of images, one on top of the other, much like emblems in Call of Duty multiplayer. These are displayed on coloured banners around their territory.

I mentioned in a previous post that the mechanics for the tutorial were in place. I have since added to it so that the system can be used for any story levels throughout the game. Every time you leave an area it adds a number to a counter, before putting you in the next area it checks the counter to see if it's time for a tutorial/story segment, if so it puts you in the right area. This should make it feel organic, part of the natural exploration of the game, not like the story is being shoved down your throat all the time with awkward cutscenes, map markers and dumb little arrows telling you where to go.

So, what's still to come:

  • Finish the gang stuff. Strongholds, warlords.
  • Motorbikes and motorbike customisation. (I currently know nothing about motorbikes)
  • Settlement stash
  • Underground areas and dungeon type things.
  • Finish the enemy AI.

When this is done and everything is there, the story elements can be added.

If you took the time to read this then thank you! It means a lot. I'll probably post another small update during the week, with bug fixes and other minor changes.

Have a great week!