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Amazing one shot, with great production value. Probably the best Troika! 2-pager I've seen so far. Cool and evocative locations, and I like the Happenings system used here. It was easy to tie in hooks from the starter adventure in the core book, which is a great feature.

My one issue was that the tables called for d20s and d10s, and since I'm traveling, I only had d6s. Obviously, you can just hop online, but it would have been nice if the random tables worked on d6s. Anyways, one small quibble about what is otherwise an amazing module. 

My run's climax came with the summoning of a Lemon Titan. Very nearly lost some players on that one, but they triumphed and an excellent time was had by all. Some Wafer and Marshmellow Droplins were exterminated, and the Sugar Queen was well pleased. 10/10 would read two pages again.