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Go into this red room filled with teddy bears..give head to mannequin... sure                      ( (≪●≫) )Д( (≪●≫) )

(full playthrough playlist here --)

--impressions and review---

I believe I'm about an hour and 30 mins in so far, and the puzzles are absolutely kicking my ass initially. I wish I was better at puzzles in general, since I think its a good mix of different style puzzles. The difficulty seems like it'd be good for someone looking for a challenge. Spooks wise the game has some good ambient creeps, loud thunder and I like the lighting! Like most indie games, a little more polish could always help since I noticed somethings feel like they operate on magnets and snap into place strangely or trigger oddly. Looking forward to playing more and the above playlist link will take you to the ongoing playthrough with all the episodes for the game I've done so far!

Keep up da good work yo!<3