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First and foremost I absolutely love this game so far from what I've played. Fun characters and every anomaly is really fun to discover in the nooks and crannies of the areas.

If I could throw out some critiques and bugs I noticed, if it'd help, the main 2 I'd really want to mention is that

1) When you're bringing the camera down and, during the animation, hit the 'night vision' key, it'll turn on night vision with the camera down, revealing anomalies that are only visible with night vision on!

2) For the cursor when selecting things like pictures, the finger icon doesn't exactly match up with the cursor icon, making selecting the 'delete' or 'inspect' buttons on images in the gallery a little disorienting.

I'd also really really implore you to reword the responses to anomalies because during my playthrough, I noticed most of the responses were "antagonize the anomaly" and "be kind to the anomaly" which made it too easy to figure out what the correct path is. That being said, when it's not so obvious, it's really rewarding to put together what the right answer is


Thank you very much for playing & we're glad that you enjoyed the demo! Also thank you for letting us know about the undocumented bugs, we'll add those in our to-do list & hopefully will be fixed in the next update.