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Seeing that people in the comment section share their stando stats in here, i wanna give it a try.

Stand Name : [All Star]

Stand Master : Reisuke Moeru

Power : C

Speed : B

Range : C

Durability : B

Precision : D

Potential : A

All Star is a humanoid stand that can make various types of waves, spirals, rings, and bursts of magic, and use them to push, damage, bind, or heal any target. All Star can also create numerous waves, spirals, rings, and bursts of magic whatever Reisuke want it to be. However, All Star's attacks aren't as strong as any other fighting stand, and it range is also limited. But yet, however, the more stronger All Star gets, the more power and range All Star can make a wave, spiral, ring, or burst at.

Also, All Star's stand cry is : HEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYA HEEYAA

There we go!