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Okay so I legit just made an account here just so I could review Heartbaked. I've played a lot of sims and VN's but it's my first time actually reviewing so let's go!

- Did you enjoy it overall?

Oh, gosh definitely! I couldn't stop playing it, and Heartbaked is definitely on my list of favourite visual novels. I have to say I really enjoyed Ginger as a main character, although she did have moments where she went a bit...overboard, so to say xD And the whole concept of the Pastry and the elves is just really adorable.

- What was your favorite part?

Carver's entire route whoops i love my grumpy lil elf.

Okay, where to start. First off, I loved how Ginger swore with names of different food. It was hilarious, and a really fresh sort of twist. The soundtrack was also really cute, and my favourite track was of course Carver's entrance because it was just too funny and fitting. I also loved how each of the bachelors were so different! And it was amazing how the story somehow manages to convince us that people can actually fall in love in the span of ten days. Also, kudos to you for creating a fantastic game in such a short time.

Anyway, if I'm being more specific, my favourite parts would be:

  1. Everything about Radley. He was such a supportive best friend, and really adorable as a character in general. Love love love!
  2. CARVER'S BLUSHING FACE. Dang that elf is cute.
  3. This is going to sound mean but that moment when Benjamin just burst into tears cracked me up.
  4. Did I mention Carver's route?
  5. Ginger's awkward flirting was the best.
  6. Okay, on a more serious note, I liked how everything just flowed really well. Like I mentioned before, you hardly feel that the game runs through the span of ten days, and the interaction between characters was very natural.
  7. I also love all the detail in the game, like Ginger's diary with her hilarious little scribbles (strudel elf lmao).

- What parts could be improved upon?

  1. If I'm being honest, Benjamin's route as a whole seemed a bit lacking. I wish he was elaborated on a bit more bc I felt so bad about his past.
  2. Ginger was a bit mean and overbearing in Benjamin's route (also the capital letters) and I just feel like she shouldn't have been that harsh?
  3. I would also like to know more about Radley, Carver and Ginger's relationship, especially when they were younger. Also, really curious about why exactly Radley dislikes Carver so much. It just feels a bit unwarranted? Then again, I haven't gotten all the endings yet so I might be wrong.
  4. It would be cool if the extra characters (like that mean lady at the bakery, and pointy elf etc) had sprites as well, although this could be chalked down to the short time the game was made in. Also really want to see Carver in drag oops.
- Who was your favorite character?

It must be pretty obvious right now. I love my small, grumpy elf! Carver was just a really fun character, and I knew when I saw the summary that he would be my favourite. I love how he evolves from the typical rival role, and how we get to see different sides of his personality (him giving Benjamin a job, and recommending Ginger's bakery and especially him listening to her and giving advice during Radley's route despite their rivalry. I feel like his route was the most natural, and I love how he progressed from angry short person to an adorable character, all while being true to his personality.
I just really love Carver.

- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

YES! A thousand times yes! I'm excited to see more x

Also that little detail in Radley's route really bummed me out, my poor son :c