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I made an account just to comment. I've played a lot of otome games in my time and eventually I landed upon Halloween Otome. I found myself drawn to every single character. I tend to get possessive of one guy after I pick them and love their storyline that sometimes it just breaks my heart to chase after another one for them to only be background characters. This is where these games have surpassed my expectations. Games that can be accessed freely often don't put as much time and effort in creating the work. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME JUST DRAWS YOU IN. 

Spoilers ahead

Mira was such a wonderful individual to play as. Her attitude towards life was very refreshing and uplifting from the regular otome game protagonist. I couldn't ever identify with Mira's experience, but watching everything play out made me jump for joy and cheer for her every moment. The guys. Wow! Each guy provided such a unique experience that made playing each route so much fun. All the information that you learn from one story to the next truly creates the depth that this game has. I played the routes recommended in order and felt that this helped create a wonderful experience in trying to understand and learn new things about the fleshed out story and characters. Zane was such an interesting route to begin with and slowly seeing him fall in love with Mira was amazing. (Gotta support the hubby with his video games :D) Kiron absolutely made my heart flutter and knowing Annabelle had went with Kiron to the wedding with Zane from the first route made me get so invested in having Kiron fall in love with Mira. HIS SHYNESS WAS SO LOVELY and provided a comedic contrast to Mira's attitude. Now Daire. I am glad I played Daire last. The last few scenes took me for a ride. It got absolutely crazy. I wasn't sure how the iceman was slowly gonna melt his heart for Mira when I first initially saw him. BUT OH BOY WAS IT ONE OF MY FAVORITES. (Besides all the moments I felt like I was getting teased along with Mira) I laughed at the subtle jokes that nodded back to the other routes and found it quite enjoyable. Everything about these characters provides such a unique experience that even someone like me who often falls in love with one character find myself getting totally invested with another one in a few hours! I love their friendship dynamic it was so refreshing. The mysterious aspects of the game kept you coming back for more and to play all the routes to try to figure out what was truly going on with every character in the game

HALLOWEEN OTOME. Being able to choose who Emma ended up with (i ultimately always chose Erik) and seeing their interactions afterwards made me so happy. This added another layer to the game and made it so much fun. Seeing Emma and Mira's relationship being fleshed out more in this game made me so happy.

I don't know if you could tell but I absolutely adored this game. Phenomenal.

Had to log in with my separate account to say thank you so so much for your lovely comment. It made me and Corynth very happy that someone liked the story and your thoughts on the progression TT^TT .  It’s  nice to see people liking Mira’s character coz we know there are a lot of people who don’t ^^’ but as we’ve said somewhere before, our mc’s have their own character and aren’t suppose to be generic. Thank you thank you thank you! For putting smiles on our faces. 

I'm glad that I could bring a smile to your faces. It makes me happy that I can give back at least through words for the joy that your games have brought me. I hope you both keep on continuing what you do and enjoy every moment of it because I sure do! Thank you both for your hard work.