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You have a great sense for the sound design. :) I liked the way you staged the different scenes of a small park excursion, though you did not use hyperrealistic graphics or anything like that. You leave the biggest part to the imagination of your players, and that's really a big challenge that you have mastered excellently. This balancing act between minimalist aesthetics and atmospheric experience has been a great success in my opinion. That's why I've decided to recommend your jam game along with two other great submissions in our compilation article about the Minimalistic Jam 3. <3 One minute of gameplay can also be seen in the accompanying video. :) Great job!

Best wishes,


Hi Sebastian!

Thanks for the kind words! I'm stoked you decided to recommend my game with the other two great submissions!

I'm also really glad I was able to create this sense of experience for you, with this minimalist approach. Giving the player a gentle frame to encourage the imagination to do the rest is EXACTLY what I wanted to do! Thank you again for the kind words and for recommending my game!