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This game is absolutely godlike. It nailed the mechanics and sensation of driving at high speeds and causing mayhem on the road. Every element to make this feel as incredible as it does was fine-tuned to near perfection. The developer even made sure that grinding against rails didn't slow you down and instead gave off grind sparks, and when grinding on rails on one side, switching while still grinding would have you jump to the opposite rails. My only one major complaint is that when boosting, your hurtbox for knocking other cars off the road ends far too quickly. It's reflected in your bar, sure, but your car is still going fast and is illustrated by the speed lines. It's hard to get a handle on when your car can or can't hurt other cars in the heat of the moment when your eyes are focused on the road. I do think buffing the hurtbox duration would be a much better idea, as relying predominantly on your fighting game moves makes it very hard to rack up points and run into the cops faster. Otherwise, this is an outstanding game and one of my favorites from this year. If the hurtbox for boosts is better balanced, I'll come back and give this game a higher rating.