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Okay well. tl;dr here's a summary. Please do ask if you're curious about anything below. I am just too crushed to rewrite everything but would love to go into depth if y'all are interested.

Update 1: Games are interactive.

Did some stuff yesterday here's what I decided.

1) I wrote yesterday and decided on a plot structure. It looks like this.
2) My Protagonist needs to be a superficially good person but also needs to have some pretty deep flaws.
      - ie. Maybe his insecurity or shyness leads to toxic idolatry. Maybe he's confident and that turns into an unwillingness to let things go and a controlling personality. 
3) Amy needs to be a foil for the protagonist. She needs to be perfect in the mind's eye of the protagonist, but flawed enough so that players believe her character. 
4) Hope to get ~8,000 words approx. Writing done by the end of this week. 
5) Potential problem: Not having enough interactive elements to keep players engaged. Need to think about this some more. Also need to stop watching the office. (lul)

To dos goals.
Today I want to write out the second path for the players. I also want to do some implementation into Twine.