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The game looks great, but the controls are naughty. 

If you need an open answer (if you  don't, just ignore that part) :

When you try to jump on the platform, 70% of this will not happen, because you have to jump from a certain place + the heroine slides on the surface more than required

Thank you for the feedback! The controls are definitely something we want to work through and perfect with this beta, so this is very helpful. And thank you for playing! You're our first comment :) 

Hi Fitonia,

We updated the game with your comments in mind. Pls check it out and LMK what you think!!

Hi! I couldn't get past the green pixies because I suck at playing games , and I kept pressing the "w" every time when I wanted to jump, but!! controls has become so much better, really! thank you!

if there is something to note from the "global" now, it is that when the heroine jumps, you do not always understand where you gonna land, because how height she jump, you don't see any surface below

Hi Fitonia!

Thank you for the awesome feedback :) We are actually going to rejigger the game completely, so I will keep you updated when the new builds are available. I appreciate you playing the game and letting us know what you think it's been very helpful!