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I absolutely love the app!! Some small bugs that are totally workable (such as layer transparency) but otherwise I adore it, and I made about 20 people download it so we could all make our own avatars! I use it as my profile pic on most apps or sites now! My main issue is I’d love love love to save a gif, but when I try using the feature, it never saves to my phone properly. (I’m using iPhone 8.) In my photo gallery, it appears as a grey square, and no other apps recognise the file type. Is this a known issue, and is there a way to adjust this?

And is there a way I can donate/become a Patron for you? I love your art and this app is extremely clever. (I have the male version as well.) I know doing what you love can be hard to balance with the real world and I’d like to support you in some small way.

Please let me know!!

Please ask Angela on her tumblr