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ive seen john play this game and was actually kind of excited when i saw it on my fb since it was suggested by a page i follow !

and i know & understand how time constraints kept you from explaining the game further but hopefully !! if you accept criticism of sort or just say, this is feedback ,, but i'd like to just say that the mining setting was really weird ( esp since this was set in philippines ), a more appropriate one esp for the manananggals would be dark forests ( even if its cliche, but it's more of them being flighty monsters - able to escape in the sight of danger ). and majority of them live as normal human beings during the day so , it's kind of weird. but aside for the weird lore , the game's good overall ! a different perspective would be good like, 3rd person due to a lot of competition that does the same fps thing.

also it'll be a nice touch to make the journals / texts in tagalog !