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I still can't find anyone who sharpens swords.  And why is it that broken swords stack, but tiny copper rings don't?  How long before I get the ability to enchant a ring (or a sword)?  Am I missing something here? something I ought to be doing instead of foraging through the dungeon areas, turning the stuff into potions, selling the potions in my shop, taking whichever quests the guild offers, and talking to random people at random times in the hope that something new pops up?

Is there a part of the GUI or whatever that indicates when the Eagledeen merchants happen? because right now, I just have to head over there and see if they're there, which wastes both in-game and out-game time.  (Why does traveling by portal to a nearby town waste a whole chunk of time, anyway?  Shouldn't portal travel be instant, but making use of an area (foraging, shopping, etc.) be the thing that makes time advance when you leave?)  A game that I pull out of my pocket at random times when I'm bored should not also be a game where I have to keep mental track of some sort of schedule within the game world.

There's a calendar on the drawer back at home that can be used to check when the bazaar is available, among other things.

in relation to the broken swords - you can combine 3 of them (1 per slot) to create an iron slab, which you can then sell. The copper rings - there's a few recipes for rings - ones multistep and gives you a fire damage ring and the other (1 copper ring and 2 agate) gives you a ring that sells for ~600gp. Your quests- If you don't have a quest related to the Stony ruins, talk to the lekumbas until you get a quest to go to the end of the stony ruins.