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And I'd like to see an alchemist or magic user from a neighboring area, or one who's just starting out, use my shop to buy extra mats for their work.  That way I could get rid of all this extra slime ooze.  I've started fleeing slimes just to avoid the overstock, and I still get way too much extra from the Fighter Guild forays.  Maybe give us a way to squash slime into higher-level ingredients or something?  Donate it to the Mage Guild for points?  Use it as fertilizer to grow extra resources at home?

(Unbalanced ingredients is one of my pet peeves, from back when I was hooked on Facebook games.  Theirs was deliberate (trying to get you to buy the items you needed), but this one's just incidental.  Still, having a ton of something you can't use, that just takes up space, is irritating, and I hate to just destroy it (might need it later), and I'm always getting more of it.)