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Some things i'd like to suggest. If possible, make buttons like throttle, yaw and map be pressure sensitive for controller. With that when enlarging the map make it static instead of rotate along with showing the entire map. Could also color code enemies on the map to represent their health. Also this is just something that I noticed but there seems to be a slightly overwhelming amount of enemy fighters shooting at you at times and I would assume that's why we have a flare feature. My problem is that it makes no sense as enemy fighters don't use flares so it makes it seem like a bit of an unfair advantage. I'd say balance out the amount of enemy fighters and get rid of flares entirely. If that makes it sound too easy I noticed something else. SAMs are almost a non issue as they're nowhere near as aggressive as they should be. Possibly tweak the sam ai so they actually become a threat. Hope this helps.

Well, enemy fighters do have flares and they do not hesitate to use them -- it's that theirs simply don't work. Right now the game is not very well balanced and needs lots of polishing in the future.