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This is such an amazing game! First I have to  talk about Mira. I've played a lot of Otome games in my lifetime but I don't think I've ever loved a protagonist as much as I loved this one. Smart, funny, beautiful, confident in her sexuality and her abilities, she was so much fun to play. I also loved playing a female character that had been with multiple partners in the past and enjoyed sex and wasn't shamed for that. It was so refreshing and different from a lot of games I've played. Also the differences not only between the romances, but the different scenarios and interactions you get depending on Emma's LI was so much fun. I've played through each route at least twice to see all of the different interactions and will probably play a third time.  I loved the mystery aspect of the game, although I still haven't figured all of it out yet, especially Rayner. He is such a complex and interesting character, I want to know more about him! This is a great, beautiful, amazing game. You guys are so talented. Thank you for the incredible game. 

thank you for your comment! So many people say yes they want a strong confident character who doesn’t go all shy fluttery at the first intimate contact but usually they don’t like the enjoyed multiple characters part? (What am I saying?! Lol)  but I’m glad you like her sexuality and abilities. When we made the Em’s bf option we knew there was gonna be a lot of scenarios and interactions that people were going to miss (even I don’t think I’ve cleared 100% word count in the game myself despite playing by every option and I unlocking all the ends. Grrr. ) but hoped it’d increase the play playability without getting boring too quickly. Rayner will appear in a future game(s) so hopefully you will get to find out more about him one day =)