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Loved this game from start to end, but something has been really bugging me for some time... Is this game mostly linear, and there are no other paths?...I mean, even though a lot of people ship NoelleAkarsha, or MinDiya, or both, I always shipped NoelleDiya.. 

I love seeing interesting pairings I haven't seen before, like MinDiya, but I also was interested in something like NoelleDiya. I wanted to see how something like that would come to be. I guess I also just loved how well they got along..Iono, something about the way they talked together just made me ship them. :) (Or maybe because they're my favourite characters, and I wanted to see them together??)

 Also had another question, about the first line, I was kinda surprised when I read that everyone was Lez (Not Akarsha, since she's Bi, but still). I may have seen some parts where Noelle might have shown signs like that towards Diya, but I wasn't sure if I was reading too much into it.. So I wanted to ask when Noelle showed this during the game.

(This comment may have seemed like I wasn't satisfied, but most of the games events, the lovable characters, and the awesome humor that nearly kills me, makes this a beautiful game. 9.5/10, would play (Or Plread) again. :3 Also fine with anyone answering these. )


If you look on her tumblr, she explains it a bit more!! If i remember clearly, noelle is lesbian, but she doesn't really know it in this game (so she thinks she's straight?? or just doesn't know?? something like that) . I think the author is going o cover that in the second game!! and yeah, I'm pretty sure this game is linear. If you want to know more you should go on her tumblr ^^