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Full freedom of motion in zero gravity really does a lot to mix up the formula of first-person shooters and I absolutely love it. This feels a lot like what moving around in zero gravity would actually be like, with all of the challenges that comes with.

This is definitely a game that benefits from controller support, I think. I don’t have a working controller, sadly, and it took me a while to get used to navigating environments like this. It’s a good thing the game’s difficulty curve gives you time to grow accustomed.

No complaints about the gameplay. I like how powerups are cumulative and wear with use rather than on a time limit. The minimal sound design means that audio cues help out a lot when trying to scan the environment. The full range of movement allows for some pretty clever maneuvering when you find an enemy behind an impenetrable force field and rather than bring down the force field you can finagle your way around to attack them from behind.

The one thing I thought could use some more work was the environment design, because after a while the maps started to feel kind of samey. There were rarely land marks I could use to see if I had scanned an area before, so when there’s one enemy left and it’s not bleeping to let me know it has line of sight I occasionally find myself floating around not knowing whether or not I’m going in circles trying to find it. Having said that, this difficulty didn’t stop me from playing more of the game, so at worst this is a minor criticism.

This game really opened my eyes to the possibilities of 6 degrees of freedom, because while this game is fairly simple I found endless potential in the concept. It’s broadened my scope quite a bit. Well-done to the developer.