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I very much enjoyed this! The characters seemed interesting and I really appreciate the way you can make your personality to fit your own, which isn't something most games Ive seen do. I like how the choices you make actually seem to affect the gameplay such as I didn't help Ashley and Naomi(?) so Ashleys costume had icing in it and they actually acknowledge Hey you didn't do this. One thing I would like to see is perhaps even more personalization for the appearance of the character like varying eye and nose shapes, body types, outfits, even maybe like a female option so that the body on the character seems more feminine. It seems like selecting the pronoun "she" option does very little to really distinguish the character from male or female which makes sense if the character is just a they but if you have the option to choose what gender you identify as, noticeable changes in the actual character would be nice. I really love this game though and am very excited for the full release and any further demos! Much love!!