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Bro like I'm fricking crying rn like this story, 10/10!!!! It had so many complex elements, it wasn't just a sports thing or a "coming out" thing like it made me excited and happy and sad and everything for so many different reasons. It had layers which is hard to come by with any genre of game, movie, book, etc. I swear that ending brought tears, actual tears, which were a mix of happiness and sadness because 1. This game brought me literal joy I really never wanted to stop I just felt so immersed and it was so relatable to me frfr because my now best friend I knew in fourth grade and she left tat summer following it and in my freshman year I met her again, and2. this is just amazing I was so sad at it ending. While it was lighthearted it also was very thought provoking and touched on some hard hitting issues with grace and eloquency. This obviously was made with tons of love and dedication, nothing seemed half done. The art style was honestly to die for, and all in all I just loveddddddd it! Please don't ever stop doing this because you just brought so much happiness to this gay af teen, and I literally just made an account to gush about all this!!!! Idk if you are making a Butterfly Soup 2 but it would be great if like there was a Noelle Akasha story romance line, even just a delve deeper into their friendship, because they just are soooo cute together!! Love you and this piece of art!!!