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Hi I really love what you have done with this game great maps great gunplay ect. I wanted to know how to make a map and submit it and if you are still working on this game and if you will add character customisation. And are you thinking about adding more weapons and game modes. Thank you.

Hi, you can download one of map editors:
create maps and submit in forum.

- Character customization is not planned.
- Time by time i am adding new weapons.
- New game modes will be added in closest updates.

master, If I create a map, how will it be accepted?

Create topic in forum and show us screenshots (or better video).
From comments you will understand if map will be interesting.

Hi I could not figure out how to open the map editor can you please post a video on your youtube channel. Thank you

The same way as you launch game. Extract from archive and play.
If you download old Map Editor, then watch this video: