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This is gonna be one negative post, but here are some things I think could use some improvement.

I played through 100 waves, though around wave 30 I already felt like I had seen everything. The difficulty never really ramps up, the waves got longer but not any more difficult. I spent the last 40 waves walking around and deploying turrets without firing a single shot myself.

The upgrade system could use some balancing, right now it feels like maxing damage first is the clear best choice, while health is pretty useless.

Turrets should actively look for better targets instead of switching only when their last target has died. This is especially an issue at the beginning of a new wave, when all the turrets lock onto the enemy that was spawned first, and if that happens to be on the other side of the screen then they'll waste a lot of time doing nothing until that enemy is dead.

Some other things to note, the option to buy ammo should also get cheaper if you're only missing less than one clip instead of letting you waste money. Also, replenishing all your ammo when you're all out also reloads instantly. Not sure if this is intentional, but it lets you deploy turrets a lot faster than usual.

Finally, I started experiencing some framerate issues after wave 90 or so, with CPU use at a constant 100%. Might want to check if everything is cleaned up properly when destroying objects and such.

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Negative feedback is the best kind in development, though.

Damn, I've only ever bothered to go to wave 52. But yes, this is a development build and there is no end-game progression at all past the three bosses. One thing at a time.

The upgrade system is really just a placeholder until I make a final decision as to what stats should be upgradeable and how, but they likely won't stay percentage-based.

The turret AI is as it should be. I was planning on implementing a perk / talent system, and one perk could be to change the turret AI. They aren't meant to be perfectly efficient killing machines, or it would make things too easy on you.

I thought I had corrected the ammo buying issues, but I'll take a look at that.

The framerate issues should probably be expected after a certain point. The number of enemies in a wave grows on a logarithmic scale, and at wave 100, there would be about 670 enemies. I've only gotten to wave 52, but I think I'll have to modify my wave-generation method to spawn on-the-fly as opposed to all-at-once. Also, I would guess the CPU usage issue is because there's a pretty hefty amount of trig functions being used (I really need to convert to vector-based movement and only calculate new vectors when needed).

Thanks for the feedback!