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so thanks to jacksepticeye's video I found this game a few days ago and loved it and I came back just to make a profile so I could comment with some ideas it gave me: 

1- if the lab setting were bigger and more ingredients were available, it would be kind of cool if certain containers were breakable or spillable, just to add some "be careful" challenge as you moved. And maybe they have different effects to help or hinder if they splash you or if you drank some. and oh no you just dropped the beaker with your last sample of Exotium, now you're definitely going to shrink all the way... 

And if the different chemicals have different effects, you could take a gamble and sip on one of them to see if it's going to maybe give you back a few more inches, or instantly shrink you by a foot... 

2- the whole "racing against a physical change that's making your life more difficult" concept is excellent and I think it would work with some other changes as well. Growing too big and breaking beakers or equipment. Gaining weight and moving slower and having a hard time squeezing through smaller gaps. Inflating and starting to float off the ground, better get that stuff mixed before you get stuck on the ceiling! Maybe your character starts turning into a monster, slowly, and loses their mental faculties so ingredients become hard to identify and recipes can't be read properly. Maybe they start getting thinner and thinner until they're intangible and can't pick up objects or use any equipment. 

The changes could all be randomized so you don't know what you're going to get at the start of the game until it starts happening. Or maybe you made a mistake with the antidote and fixed your first problem, only to develop a second. 

3- Imagine a 2-player co-op mode. One person is the scientist who can properly identify ingredients and understand how to mix them and operate the equipment. The other is the lab assistant/intern who's not great with figuring stuff out yet but they're more nimble and strong at moving objects around. They have to work together to fix the changes happening to one of them, or for extra hardness, BOTH of them. Scientist gets too fat and traps intern in a corner. Intern shrinks down and has to be carried by the scientist, someone blows up and floats by the ceiling and has to be pulled by the other player... and both players could choose to be scientists or lab interns for that extra challenge. 

sorry for the wall of text but like there's just so much potential here, if it were a much bigger game with more content I could easily see you guys launching this on Steam or something for $10-15. And I'd buy that shit right away heheh. Had me some fun playing with the different shrinking and speed settings on this. ifyouknowwhatimean.jpeg