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I always wondered how a horror themed fps version of tomb raider would be. You got really close to that!
Your game offers a short, extremely atmospheric experience. No constant jumpscares and predictable mechanics to induce fear. Instead what you did is something that makes you feel secluded and alone with the constant fear of a monster being around you.
On top of these you picked the indonesian mythology for the game's story. It's one of the least known mythologies and the Mananangaal is pretty interesting and terrifying.
Visually the game is impressive considering the time limit. Pretty consistent quality overall from the post process effects to the texture and model quality.
Audio wise the mix overall is balanced and the sound effects/music are fitting the environments. Especially the ambient track adds a lot to the dark environment of the mines.
All in all, I totally enjoyed it! It has potential to be a really awesome title, if you keep working on it. It is definitely something unique!
I wish you the best for your next projects!!
P.S I confused the characters' names. I thought I played as Vanessa instead of Lucy. xD

I am yet to play the game. but I'm afraid you're wrong about the origin or inspiration of its mythology. I bet it's Philippine mythology, while I know for the fact that 'Manananggal', even the title itself, is uniquely Filipino, specifically Tagalog. Indonesian–Malaysia mythology may have similar mythological creature as 'Manananggal'.