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This game was AWESOME!! It was so much fun! It's extremely creative, and I'm extremely excited for the final version! The only problem I had (which wouldn't even make sence, but whatever) is that there is no save button, which is understanable, because it's a DEMO, but, I played this game yesterday and haven't finished it, so I had to start all over again, haha. But you don't have to add that, but you definitely should in the final version of course! (or the automatic save) 

Wildbrew is definitely one of my favorite games on It's fun, it has puzzles that are also fun, the graphics are great, the little images when the characters talk are well drawn and the characters are pretty nice and cute!

I just think Cauldron is a little creepy, I'd recommend giving some sparkles (or other details, hearts, diamonds, etc.) in the eyes, or giving him a mouth, but that's optional! The part in the cave, where you had this big puzzle, the water graphics are a little weird, but that's still just a small part of the game.

Overall, this is an amazing game, I think it'd be worth at least like 10 dollars, I would pay for it!

I give 5/5 !

(I did a little fanart too haha :v)

Hope you like it!!

And this is what I mean with Cauldron:

(you, of course, don't actually have to update it just because of one person haha)

We love your fanart!! Thank you for the feedback and love ~