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I finished Dom's Good ending, and I just loved, loved, LOVED it! :D I love that sweet, angsty giant vamp. ^_^ I tried going other routes, but Dom and Rex were my faves so far. Sweet, nice, gentle Dom just ruined it for me going the other routes, lol! XD I didn't want to leave that hot and gloomy vamp all alone! But Rex is such a cutie, too! ^_^

I loved the sprites, the sounds, and the music and overall atmosphere. :) It was a really awesome urban fantasy, and it had suspense and sweet romance that made me melt!

If I had a few minor complaints, one would be that it ended too soon! :D I wanted more of how Dom and the main character lived together and coped and such. I also wanted more CGs, but I'll take what I can get, and they were done well. 

The only other minor complaint is that I would have liked a Good ending for having a mostly Gentle personality. Maybe for the next VN? :-3 

Overall, I loved this VN, and I will support future VNs from this company! :D


Really Dom's my favorite and Luka right after!