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More that month without updates. RIP very promising game :(

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You're quite quick in declaring a project dead ;) First of all, we're still going strong and soon have lots of cool new things to show. Expect a dev log in a couple of days. Second thing, we don't do this full-time, so sometimes things just get in the way of development. That is bound to happen until we can support ourselves from developing the game. Third: We've been working on the game (before going public) for years. We're not just going to throw the towel just because we haven't posted an update in a couple of weeks.

Now RIP ?

lol nope.

On a more serious note:
We're still in the middle of figuring out how to go about this whole public communication thing. We're still very much behind this project (as our response rate may indicate) - we're just having a hard time communicating that progress. Since we've been developing in 'seclusion' for so long, we still need to find a good groove to keep you guys in the loop without diverting too much time from actual development. We first thought streams would be a good idea as well as video dev logs. We then found authoring those too time intensive, considering that we have to, you know, develop a game :P We then scrapped the video production mid-process and decided it's better to keep it for major updates.

We realise we've done a pretty poor job at that since the release, so we've started opening up more to our patreon backers recently, posting less 'filtered'/scripted dev upgrades. We'll round them up and turn them into an official update soon. And cut us some slack, we're still new to this whole PR thing :D

Lmao what about now?