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Tried to play it crashes instantly on mac : (

Damn, I am sorry to hear this. Unfortunately I don't have a mac here to test it on, but I am looking into what went wrong. Was the error you encountered: " can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer"?

Just to see if you're getting the same problem others have had.

Sorry again for this.

I don't think it is the unidentified developer problem, I have my security settings to open apps from "Anywhere" (the most permissive option). I didn't see any error pop up just double clicking the app briefly opens it and then silently crashes. When I get home I'll try to see if it left any logs on my machine that I could send you.

Damn, that's harder to figure out. I'll keep looking and see if I can get hold of a mac to try and work out what is growing on. Until I can, unfortunately the only way to play is with the windows version.

Sorry it took so long, the log file contains only "Failed to validate Mac AppStore receipt." I googled that and found this unity answers post that says there is a setting to turn off mac appstore validation, sounds like that might be the solution?

Thanks for the suggestion!

I have turned off the appstore validation like you suggested and also uploaded multiple versions of the Mac file (for different versions of the mac operating system) so if one doesn't work, hopefully the others will.

Let me know how it turns out.