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Hi! I pretty much made this account just to thank you for this game! In a way, it changed my life a bit.

Not only are the story and the romance absolutely solid and among the best I've seen during Yuri Game Jam 2017 - I found myself especially impressed by the time travel part. My age is very close to Amanda's and therefore I have some similar memories about that time. Reading how Amanda arrived in the past made me think about how it would feel to go back in time to my hometown in 2005. I actually got so nostalgic, I had to take a break from the game right then and there as I was starting to tear up.
After finishing the game's routes, I still found myself thinking about it. Your story made me appreciate my childhood and my past in general much more. I visited some of the places I used to be at a lot as a child. One of those actually did feel like a trip to 2005. It was great. I'm now able to face my future with newfound confidence.

I don't know exactly why Love Paradox had this much influence on me, but I'm sure glad it did! It probably has to do with my being able to relate very much to Amanda - I even wanted to study Game Design a while ago.

Of course, I would also like to say that I enjoyed following the characters through this story. You did a good job showing some of the troubles of going to the past, as well. The art is fitting and cute. I also like that the endings differ so greatly.

So, thank you again! I'm definitely keeping an eye on you, Luxa! :D