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so that's what happened.

i'll just say my feelings and thoughts that occurred as i played.

i wanted to make it bigger, i wanted to collect more, it was tricky trying to build the shape i wanted, and when i failed i just accepted it and moved on. when i saw that there was no more shapes to add on to it, i was sad. i was also expecting the screen to zoom out a lot, and there to be even more shapes to add on to it. simply put, i really wanted to see how massive this shape could get.

reflecting on that experience. the vibes i had with katamari came to mind. a timed experience to see how big it can get. bonus points for getting certain shapes/combinations. flailing helpless square beings all trying to get back home traveling through space. or a puzzle game where you goal is to remove existing blocks by attaching enough of the same color together. blah blah blah.

i like it, i hope you find something appropriate for it.