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Honestly I've been looking around to find a game that is about the folklore of other regions and finally I found one!
The concept of the game is really fascinating to me. Exploring the folklore of other regions is interesting, even more when it is about creepy stuff. You managed to create an atmosphere that is captivating and terrifying without using "in your face" jumpscares. The family's history, the things around white lady just made a setting that pushed you towards exploring the house. Story telling through scripted events is minimal, since the story is being told through the items, notes and the environment itself. I didn't know that each item had specific meaning, so I kinda screwed up, but I learned in the end what was the meaning behind them. This kind of gameplay mechanic is unique and actually helps you learn more about the folklore, which is a pretty nice touch. On top of all these, you added your native language as the language of the characters. This makes the game even more believable!
The environments are well presented with enough polish. The texture work is solid and the models are smooth and well made. The fog particle is well used, adding to the gloomy and dark atmosphere of the game.
Audio wise the effects were on point! From the ambient track to the intense music sequence, the audio work is solid. The mix is balanced too. Nothing is too loud or too low.
Overall it is a pretty enjoyable experience!! I can't wait to see how your project advances.
I wish you the best for your project!!

Thank You! We're really glad you enjoyed it. We want to create a new take on the horror genre in games which does not rely on its jumpscares.