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Skeleton Frame is a short map-drawing mecha rpg inspired by Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

It's 5 pages, with easy to read text and a clean, stylish layout.

Gameplay-wise, you respond to prompts about the titular skeleton frame, defining facts about its propulsion, weapons, etc. For each fact you define, you plot a coordinate on a map, relating the location to the fact.

It's not explicit in the book, but I think this game works very well if all of your coordinates are related to the mech's last mission, and your coordinates are things like "here is where the drives failed under a hail of bullets."

Overall, this is a neat, short storytelling game that's perfect as an icebreaker. If you like mecha stories and you want to cut right to the meat of one in thirty minutes or less, I'd strongly recommend giving this a try.