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The game concept is pretty sweet. However, I think there are somethings that need to be done to make this game better.

  • There should be a how-to-play in-game.
  • At the beginning of each session, the player should know what phase they are in the process of molding the weapon. When the user starts at the middle phase, it can seem like that's the first phase, when really one needs to heat the metal first before moving on. The solution to this one would be to distinguish the phases a little.
  • I think, when molding the weapon in the middle phase, there should be some leeway when entering the middle and have some indicator on how close the player is to getting it perfect. Most games allow some leeway and if it's micrometers(just a guestimate) away from the middle, it considers it perfect.
  • There should be an indicator of what is adding to the points and not adding to the points. That way the player can have some feel of what to improve.
  • I haven't played the game too long, but I feel like the concept is awesome. However, it should be expanded to take full advantage of the idea. I think as more equipment is added, more phases needed to be added to the process i.e. with helmets, you have to make the straps, or even add a new phase to the process.

I feel this game is good. However, it should be expanded upon and these things added/modified. Good work!