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I really enjoyed this little game! It's very charming and has great potential! I can't wait to see how it will expand with more stories and stickers and items and characters! 

It's createe a very, very short story.  It feels like a small choose your own path adventure game but with dice rolls instead of a choice! 

You might get to add a stickers that change the appearance of your bar and reminds you of the stories you heard when you look at it!

I ended up using regular d6s (six sided dice) and changed the stars and skulls with certain numbers because I had some trouble printing the dice.. Maybe a file to print them as a die layout would be great and this way you can just glue and make them out of paper! I also did not use the backs for the cards since they are not that many as of now but if more are to be released it would be great to have a file where you can print them front and back!

I really, really can't wait to see more content! 

Thanks for a great game!