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Well one community is of course the steam community and i also talk about it in the voice chat when i play csgo.. another one is the roblox game that all the little kids play they offer advirtising that is pretty cheap compared to other gaming websites. I try to drop the names of good games when i hear people say they are bored

Now if you want a lot of attention when you get your game polished off and get alot more content in it you should try and contact these few youtubers that is the most powerful way to get your name out there Here are the youtuber channels These guys focus primarily on strategy games or games where you create things EX: Spore, cities skylines, Tycoon games, rimworld, many other alpha games

Heres the names and links

If you want just a start there is this guy if he is interested he will definitely put it out there Ryan or toxic time waster he has around 19k people who watch his channel and climbing he is the one i watched to decide if i want to buy a game or not.

This is a much bigger channel and this guy loves to play early alpha games he has almost 400k people that watch him

one of my favorite people to watch is this nice brittish guy that goes by latherix 138k if you ask him nicely and tell him a bit about your game theres a good chance he might give it a couple episodes just to show people

Make sure you give these guys the link to your game home page so they can put it in the description if viewers want to play it

Youtubers are one of the best tools for feedback on the game, to see if theres a bug, something that might need to be balenced, or just to see what mechanics people enjoy.

Origin Drms are harder to pirate of course and you might make a bit extra going through them as well that is if they accept it

For the no thought the game can run fine as is right now i dont seem to have any problem currently performance wise and im on a horrible notebook for office work Steam release

Me having bought many many games through steam i tend to avoid buying a game until it has a lot of content because i like to pick up right away play it for possibly days at a time most of my games have at least 500 hours on them

To the yes thoughts that sounds amazing

So yeah YouTube is for sure the best way to get your name out there as it is of course the way most very early alpha games got off the ground.

Let me know what you think

Something i was wanting to see on the plant side i have no clue how long it is for the plant to make a seed or how many seeds it will make so i was wondering if there could be some little seed pod or something like a flower ( i have no idea) to see the seed production so i can keep track of what plants grow and spread faster

I was wondering what you plan to do with the plant and animal models past basic shapes and if theres a way that i could save specific animals and plants and give it a name so if i lose it to some random circumstance i could not have all my research down the toilet