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*cracks knuckles* Let's get this crap started.

First things first, I love the art! At first it was a 'meh', because for some reason I thought Snow looked weird, but otherwise everyone else captivated me. (Princess Charming looks a lot like Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time) Everything is just so, uh, sparkly? It has brighter colors than other games, which is a good thing because other games tend to have kind of a dull palette of color. (Just look at all the games tagged 'Otome', yours sticks out a lot) The routes are a bit short, but I'm keeping track of your Tumblr, and I'm just here. Sitting. Waiting for the expansion. I'm so excited for it, too! And the plot twist are just, like, what. Oh my god. It's amazing. Just imagine eating a donut when someone suddenly says it's not gluten free and your just allergic to gluten and now your just screaming and dying, and like, your final moments just eating that savory, awesome donut. You feel amazing but at the same time your like, dying. (It's a really bad description but that's what it is)

(Okay, children, now I begin the spoilers)

  • First, let me start of with Snow. I liked his route. It's not my favorite, but it was definitely great. I liked how he thought he was cursed but it was just the step mother being a butt. Snow is kind of my least favorite of the bunch. He was interesting at the ball, but I guess he isn't as interesting as the others...? But who knows, the expansion is coming and I could change my mind.
  • Secondly, Zel. Oh my god hE'S JUST TOO INNOCENT FOR ME! How he just shoved Charming into the closet and stuff, and his worrying about the dragon just killing her is just 100% omfg. But what kind of witch just puts a guy in a tower and just offs and leaves, never returning. Other people out there complaining about how Zel's past isn't much explained, but it's just an open window. Maybe Zel just lied about there ever being a witch, and he just didn't like politics so much he just asks a dragon to bring him somewhere else. But anyways, his route was pulling at my heartstrings. Like, how he cried when Charming left for a little while. The first route's ending? I cried. How she's just telling him how she has to go home and she's pleading him to come with her but he just snaps, saying she has a hero-complex. And he's just like nonononONONONO GOD NO I'M SORRY and she's just like, uh, bye. And he's just crying and I'm here like "NO CHARMING DON'T LEAVE THIS HURT LITTLE CINNAMON BUN CRYING WHY U EVIL WITCH". Then she's just like "Fuk my kingdom let's go" and they ride off into the sunset. Maaaaaaybe it's a liiiiiiitle irresponsible of them to just run away from their politics, but tbh, I would want to, too. Just fly off into the sunset, away from Trump and Hillary. And to those who disliked this ending just gotta understand that anyone who loves adventure would just ditch politics. To get this route, you kind of inspired adventurism into him by giving him books and not telling him about his falling kingdom. The second ending is kind of messed up, though. You forced him to be a part of politics even though he didn't want to, and the reason why he didn't leave was because he didn't want to get involved in that crap, but y'know, just force him to do what you please.

  • And best is for last, Mer. Yyyyeaaaah.A bit dark. But it was, by far, the most interesting of the trio. I love how Mer and Charming were playful like "Ayee" then Charming just playfully pushes Mer and things just go from 0 to 100 real quick, cuz this boy had a dagger on him the whole time. He tells the "truth", sudden bandits come out of nowhere, and Mer is just flipping while Charming is just like "Mer, calm down, I'll just burn the-" then gets shoved into water, where things just break the scale and goes over 9000 when he shouts. A simple "Die" or "This is where you end" will kill them all, but y'know, "Get the hell of her!". This line is one of the two only lines I remember clearly from the game because it was kind of chilling? And how he covers her eyes while the bandits disintegrate. Things calm down, goes back down to a 0, and there's just a beautiful wedding. It kind of got me when Charming wakes up to find Mer trying to kill her, and his face is just, insane. The other line I clearly remember is when Mer says "I. Don't. Want. To. Die." The first ending was kind of confusing, when both Charming and Mer was just sitting there on their thrones, and I was kind of like "Who'd they stab? WAS IT NICHOLL?" The second ending was awesomeee! How she also when insane and just tied Mer up. Mer's route was probably the most interesting because of all the LIES AND DECEPTION.
(P.s., sorry for the long post)

Hello! Thank you for playing our game, and thank you for taking the time to write us such a long review! :)

Haha, Snow is probably the most "normal" person out of the three xD His route is twice as long in the expansion, so you should let us know after playing it if it changed your mind about Snow! :)

Yessss, we had a lot of fun writing Zel. xD We're glad that you find him cute :p As for the part regarding the witch, it'll be explained in the expansion. We just never had the time to include more plot and backstory development for Zel because it'd mean more word count, more sprites, more backgrounds — and with the 30 days time limit for NaNo, we just had to make a difficult choice of what to cut, and in the end we chose to keep the romance. Regarding the 2nd ending where she elopes, that was actually our rationale behind making such an ending! To get that ending, you had to choose all the choices leaning towards adventuring and stuff, so your choices define Charming's personality and her final decision on whether to be a responsible princess and give up her dreams, or run away with the guy he loves xD It's irresponsible, we agree, but understandable for Charming in our opinion. But due to the majority of the responses regarding this ending, we will be changing this ending a bit in the expansion to make Charming seem less irresponsible. We will be somewhat addressing what you said about the 1st ending being a bit wrong to Zel, though we won't be changing the ending — rather, we will be adding new scenes for Zel's route in the expansion of more character development/plot that will hopefully make the first ending easier to swallow.

Haha, super glad to hear you liked Mer! :D His route has undergone rewriting in the expansion, so hopefully the transition and execution of the endings will be better so it'd be less confusing.

Once again, thanks for playing LiD and for writing a comment! :D